How do I create a savings plan/schedule?

You can easily set a schedule for your device(s).

Log into your account at and then click on the Savings Plan tab at the top of your screen.

Select “create a plan.” Please note, the first two weeks after you set up your account is considered a baseline period, where the software monitors the energy usage of your air conditioner(s). During this time schedule is disabled. The baseline period helps you understand your typical energy consumption and helps calculate savings once schedules are in place. Follow the on-screen instructions to override your baseline period.

Choose the template that most closely matches the schedule you wish to create – you can always modify it to match your lifestyle and schedule.

Create a name for your plan and enter a start and end date. If you’re not sure when you want your plan to end, just pick something far in the future; you can always change it.

Take a look at the chart displaying your “schedule at a glance.” The green bars indicate times when your device will be on (receiving power).

If you want to modify the schedule, click on the green or gray boxes under “customize your schedule.” The green boxes indicate the time that your device(s) will be receiving power and the gray boxes indicate the time when your device(s) will turn off. You can have several on/off events during the day AND you can have a different schedule for each day of the week.

After you have created your schedule click “finished scheduling, choose appliances.”

Click on the names of the devices you wish to schedule. You can select some or all of them.

Click “submit my plan.” The plan will now be transmitted to your modlet. For the plan to successfully transfer, your USB gateway must be plugged into your computer and you must be connected to the Internet OR if you have an Ethernet gateway, it must be powered on and connected to the Internet. If you have WiFi SmartAC kit your modlet must be online.

Your plan is now stored on your modlet. The modlet will keep implementing it until your plan expires, you create a new plan, or modify your plan.

If you want a different schedule for each device, simply repeat these steps to create a second schedule.

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