Reconnect my WiFi modlet

If there have been no changes to your WiFi Settings, the smartAC kit should reconnect automatically upon plugging it into a power source. However, if your network settings have since changed, you will need to conduct a factory reset of your kit following the instructions here.

If you previously set up a modlet and want to reconnect it to your home WiFi, follow the instructions below. 
  1. Plug your modlet into an outlet near your window AC. This will automatically reconnect this modlet with your home WiFi and account. When plugged in, you should see the red light spinning fast for a few seconds and then go off. If the light does not go off after around 30 seconds, you might need to reset your modlet.
  2. Look at the thermostat remote display screen. If you see two temperature readings and no blinking X’ed out WiFi sign, your kit is connected. If your screen displays an X’ed out WiFi sign, the remote and the modlet will need to be factory reset and rejoined to your network. Follow the instructions here.
  3. Sign in to your account and check that your modlet is reading the temperature in real time. In the smartAC app, you should be able to select an AC and see the current temperature of the room as well as the target temperature.

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