I could not finish the installation (smartAC, Ethernet Gateway)

This is a helpful article to troubleshoot your Ethernet gateway and your Zigbee smartAC kit.

Log into your account at If you have not created an account yet start there.

Click on the "Modlet Network" tab and select "Gateways' from the left navigation. Verify your gateway is online, the Last Connected time should be recent. If the Last Connected time is outdated it means your gateway is offline.

Click on Modlets from the left navigation. Your modlet should display in the list and Last Connected time should be recent. If the modlet is not listed, click "Add Modlet" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Click on the Smart AC tab. If your thermostat remote is online you will see a recent room temperature listed. 

If the SmartAC tab is not displayed you need to rejoin the thermostat remote.
If you don't see a SmartAC tab or tab with your program name you need to join the thermostat remote.

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