Is the smartAC kit compatible with my AC?

Approximately 90% of our customers report that their AC unit is compatible with the smartAC kit. However, every AC unit is designed differently and some AC units are not compatible with the smartAC kit. Make sure to lower the temperature on your AC unit as far as possible before deciding the kit is not performing as it should.

Signs of incompatibility:

  • The AC does not turn on when you press the power button on the thermostat remote.

  • The AC lights turn on, but the compressor and fan will not turn on after power is lost and then restored.

Sometimes the compressor does not power back on immediately, so make sure to wait a few minutes before deciding that your AC is not compatible.

To determine if your AC is compatible, you can also call the manufacturer to confirm that the compressor restores or the air conditioner turns back on automatically after a power outage. This information is also usually available in your AC's manual. 

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