My modlet plug does not fit my outlet. Can I use an adaptor with my modlet?

It is very important that you verify that the modlet is appropriate to use with your outlet and your device. Ideally the modlet should be plugged directly into the wall. If you have a dual-socket modlet, the modlet should be plugged directly into a grounded (3-pin) wall outlet without the use of adaptors, i.e., if you do not have a grounded 3-pin outlet, do not use an adaptor to convert your two-pin outlet to a 3-pin outlet. This is not safe.

Check the plug reference guide to ensure you have the right modlet for your outlet and device. If you think you purchased the wrong one, or are unsure which one to get, take a snapshot of the plug or the wall outlet and send it to ThinkEco from the Support Center. Your electronic device’s owner manual will also indicate the device’s voltage and amperage requirements.

Plug Reference Guide


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