Glossary of ThinkEco Terms

 Basic Modlet (Zigbee): 2-socket smart outlet that monitors and controls the flow of energy to your plugged-in devices.

Modlet BN (or smartAC 
modlet): 1-socket smart outlet that monitors and controls the flow of energy to your plugged-in devices.

Ethernet (Zigbee) gateway: serves as an intermediary between your 
modlet(s) and your online MyModlet account; plugs directly into a router for 24/7 access to your modlets.

smartAC thermostat remote: remote with built-in thermostat that works with the modlet to control when a room air conditioner is on or off.

Smartphone app (ThinkEco smartAC): application for your mobile phone through which you can access your MyModlet account. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

ZigBee: a wireless communication protocol (like WiFi or Bluetooth) that allows the 
modlet to communicate with the Ethernet Gateway.

Mesh Network: A wireless network where each device in the network is capable of serving as a relay for the other devices. The basic
modlets form a mesh network to cover large spaces like an office or home. This means that each modlet can serve as a relay for other modlets that are trying to communicate back to the gateway.

Schedule: An on/off schedule that you can set for one or more 
-connected devices to eliminate wasted power. All power is cut off and then restored to your device according to the times you select.

Baseline: The initial monitoring period when you first set up your 
modlet network. It is used to calculate savings by comparing the energy use of your devices before and after scheduling. By default this period is set to 2 weeks.

Thermostat Mode:  The “on” mode for your smartAC thermostat. When Thermostat Mode is on, your AC will cycle on and off to maintain the target temperature for your room.

Target temperature (Set-to temperature): The temperature you want your room to be. You set the target temperature by pressing the up/down arrows on your remote.

Power (Watts): Rate at which electricity is consumed by a device. A 100 Watt incandescent light bulb requires 100 Joules of energy per second.

Energy (kWh): Amount of electricity consumed by a device over time. A 100 Watt incandescent light bulb left on for 10 hours consumes 1 kWh (1 Wh x 1000) of energy. This is the unit of measurement used on your electric bills.


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