Your Firewall and the WiFi modlet

If you have a firewall for your network, or your router has a firewall included, it could cause the modlet to fail to join your WiFi network. Consider turning off the firewall temporarily and attempt to recommission the modlet. If the modlet can successfully join the network it is likely that the firewall was causing the issue. In most cases the firewall can be set to “Medium” rather than “High” and the modlet will still remain connected. Try reactivating the firewall at a lower setting and see if your modlet continues to report real-time data on your account.

Remember to factory reset the modlet after each failed attempt before trying to connect again.

Two ways to rejoin your WiFi smartAC kit

Set up a WiFi smartAC kit from a WiFi-connected computer or tablet
Set up a WiFi smartAC kit from the smartphone app

Factory Reset your WiFi modlet

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