smartAC WiFi kit

The WiFi modlet does not see my network (5 GHz)

When scanning available networks, if your modlet does not see your WiFi network it is likely your network is a 5 GHz band network. WiFi modlets can only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi networks and will not display 5 G...

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Enable WiFi "B" Protocol

The modlet is compatible with the wireless protocol 802.11b. If your router is not configured to communicate on the 802.11b protocol the modlet will fail to join the network. In order to configure your router s...

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Your Firewall and the WiFi modlet

If you have a firewall for your network, or your router has a firewall included, it could cause the modlet to fail to join your WiFi network. Consider turning off the firewall temporarily and attempt to recommi...

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When setting up the modlet, I am asked for a WEP Authentication or password

The two most common forms of WiFi network security are WPA/WPA2 and WEP. If you are prompted for WEP authentication it means your router supports WEP and you will need to enter the following information for you...

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Join a WiFi modlet to an Apple Airport Express, Airport Extreme or Time Capsule

If you have an Apple Airport Express, Airport Extreme or Time Capsule and you cannot join your WiFi modlet to your WiFi network, follow these steps to manually connect your modlet to the network with a browser....

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Winter Usage and Storage

When winter is around the corner and your air conditioners are thinking about going to sleep for several months, it’s time to make sure you’ll be ready to use your smartAC kit the following summer. (Each kit ha...

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