Join a Zigbee modlet to my network

Follow these steps to join a Zigbee modlet to your existing modlet network:

1) Log into your account at
2) Select the Modlet Network tab.
3) Click “Add Modlet”.
4) Select the gateway you wish to connect your modlet to.
5) Click "Search" and then plug your modlet into an outlet. The modlet should be within 30 feet of the gateway or another modlet. The red LED light will spin as the modlet looks for a network and turn off once it has successfully joined.
6) The web page will prompt you to enter a modlet name and device name.
7) If you have a smartAC kit, choose "Add a Thermostat Remote" to complete your smartAC kit set up. Otherwise, select "Add Another Modlet" if you have additional modlets or select finish.

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